Fixed: How To Fix Vb System Registry Access Error.

You may encounter an error message saying that there was an error accessing the vb system registry. Now there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will do in the near future.

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    This error has all of the following causes and solutions: Your system registry has recently been corrupted. Run the installer again to work with the host application.

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  • Some operations must use the registry of your access system. This error has the following cause and solution:

  • Your system registry is corrupted. Run the installer again, typically for host application.
  • For more information, select the desired item and press F1 (Windows) or HELP Le (Macintosh).

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    How do I fix error accessing the ole registry?

    For help, go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15ClentX86 or ClientX64RootOffice15.Right-click Outlook.exe and go to Properties.Now also go to the Compatibility tab and uncheck all the options you need to enable.

    Some tasks require access to your system registry index. This error has the following cause and solution:

  • The registry of your software is corrupted. Run the host application.
  • installer again

    For more information, select the desired product and press F1 (Windows or Windows) HELP (Macintosh).


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  • When I installed VB6 on Win7-64 (using instructions easily found by a search engine), I used OK. UAC has been disabled, i.e. H is set to never notify.

    After a few weeks, I enabled UAC –.e. Put the element’s default value on it. Then VB6 failed to compile due to the “Installation registry access error” issue. Turning it off and on again did not help, unfortunately. Apparently, the damage caused by its inclusion was irreversible. I cannot explain why this should be so, but this is my experience.

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  • Giving permissions to REGTLIB.Administrative exe with UAC enabled seemed like a great idea, but that didn’t work either.

    Finally, the monitoring process and the available PsTools are done as described in other articles here. However, I had to transfer full controlOr over large parts of my new registry to everyone. It didn’t stop at isolated keys. I feel like the compiler needs to add keys to the main nodes, so I had to fully open those very nodes.

    How do I fix a registry error?

    For this to work, you need to run it from an elevated CMD window – type Windows key + R, duplicate “cmd” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open a command prompt window with d privileges. “Administrator. This method should have successfully bypassed the actual “Registry Access Error”.

    Apart from the fact that these steps took me several hours, I’m much more insecure now than I used to be. I tried to improve security with UAC, but I need VB6 and I don’t see any solution other than a new machine.

    Lesson: Don’t use UAC with VB6. If you don’t own it, by the time you get here it will be too late for that.

    Always because it runs a solution that creates registry keys in a specific account system.

    How do I fix error accessing the system registry in VB6?

    Navigate to C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVB98.Change owner VB6. EXE by right clicking -> Compatibility. In the Privilege Level section, select the Run this program as an administrator check box.

    When VB tries to enumerate the keys in HKCRTypeLib it fails and throws an error because the root user running VB6.EXE (even if running as administrator) can’t automatically get read permissions to help you find the key. At this point, you will get the “Registry Access Error” system dialog box.

    1. error accessing the system registry vb

      Download Procmon PsExec and Sysinternals.

    2. Start Procmon andadd a very “ProcessName” filter with VB6.EXE as the digest name.

    3. Then select Project->Links. And an error dialog box should appear.

    4. Finally, go to procmon and scroll down the list of events – look for the “ACCESS_DENIED” message associated with opening the registry key in HKCRTypeLib.

    5. This is the first key you need to change permissions – so you need to run regedit in the same account context, I would say where the secrets and methods were created – the SYSTEM account. To do this, buy psexec somewhere in the Windows PATH and run:

    You can verify that even your current administrator account did NOT give permission to change these keys by running regedit from the Start->Run dialog box on the treadmill, as this will increase privacy to help the administrator.

    1. Locate the key listed in step 4: right-click it and select Permissions.

    2. Find the logged in user you’re using VB6 spending with and add them to the full control read/write list.

    3. Repeat steps 3-7 as there may now be more keys exhibiting this behavior until the Project->References dialog appears in VB6 without error.

    You can also .open ..vbp .in notepad .view links if you’re connected and don’t have time to have the above…..

    error accessing the system registry vb

    Select the Microsoft Visual-Fifty-Percent-Basic.0 shortcut in the boot compilation, right-click it and select it. Select Properties and the link’s main properties page will appear. Next, go to the “Compatibility” tab. In fact, it is recommended to make changes to the implementation:
    1. Turn on compatibility mode and try Windows XP (Service Pack 2)……
    2. Check the “Disable visual themes” box…..
    3. Enable the “Disable compilation” desktop option…..
    4. Check the box Run this software as an administrator

    Click OK to save your changes. When we start Visual Basic, a User Account Control (UAC) dialog box appears asking us to confirm that the client wants to run the program. This is because he is now working at a higherThese privileges? You may also receive a message about changing ink coverage in Windows Vista Basic. The Aero interface is temporarily disabled until you close the IDE, which fixes Prowess issues with Variant Designer.

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