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    error i cannot write to data dir /var/local/squirrelmail/data

    This may be an OEM recovery media for Toshiba Satellite A100 and A105 laptops. It contains a Toshiba OEM image similar to Windows Home XP Edition.

    Please note that this is a trademark of the 2005 recovery media. The 2006 version found on the BetaArchive PC OS archive collection page for the same models will not work on the same PCs as this one.

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    error i cannot write to data dir /var/local/squirrelmail/data

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    Toshiba reminds me

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite a105-S2141 and I can no longer turn on the electronic computer.Uter, it does show up on that blue screen…. but that’s not a problem, I had a special b4 and a recovery disk.

    I lost my CD, I didn’t do it, Mom

    And I tried to search… well, I couldn’t search, so can anyone tell me how to create a recovery disc? WITHOUT PAYING MONEY OR ANYWHERE, where online and by train

  • Stationary&Column; I lost my P10 satellite recovery kit 1

    Hello!there my son lost healing time disk 1 for his p10 satellite.
    we have disk 2 (driver) but no disk. get 1.

    Where can I get another specific recovery disc 1. And methods that cost approx.

    Edited by: merdat


    You can usually order the ASP for your country, but I don’t know if anyone can order this CD because the P10 is an old line of laptops and our own recovery CDs may not be available in the market for this model.

    However, you must be logged into your country’s ASP to confirm.
    Functionally,and you might get lucky and the CD is considered available.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A10: I lost my therapy CD. How can I get it?


    I’m trying to reinstall Windows XP on my Satellite A10, but I’ve lost the fix CD.
    I had a “regular” Windows XP installation CD that I’m trying to reinstall with, but just got the latest serial number on this underside of my laptop…

    Do you know a workaround?
    And finally, how to burn an installation CD…



    The big key at the bottom of the device is basically an OEM key.
    This means that it only comes pre-installed with an OEM key and laptop function decryption. . Simply put, you cannot use this feature with other major Windows operating systems.

    If you want to reinstall the operating system from the original Windows CD, you must use the one that comes with this CD!

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  • Someone can order a new one, however th CD after restoring the ASP in the country.
    Just contact the guys. They will help you properly with the order.


  • I just lost my Satellite C laptop recovery disk

    I’m not very computer savvy. I can’t turn on my Toshiba Satellite C laptop. I wrote down my password, but it was not accepted and I lost my recovery CD.

    Can anyone tell me what to do?

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  • Harrison Lloyd