Solutions For FTP Error 500 Invalid Port

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    You may encounter an error code indicating that FTP error 500 is an invalid port. Well, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this issue and we will get back to that shortly. Actually 500 is a short FTP error code, not a port number or anything more descriptive. The default recovery is to enter “pass” (passive) instructions after logging in. With FTP active, servers try to connect from port 20 to a higher port on the patient side to send data.


    First, the last two instructions, PORT and PASV, are not related. Two of these are usually independent connection attempts (one for the current FTP, one for passive FTP).

    What does port 500 mean on an FTP server?

    500 is a quick FTP error code, maybe not a port number or something else meaningful. The standard solution is to enter the “pass” (passive) command immediately after authorization. This should cause the FTP server to also use your control word channel to transfer returned data.

    The PORT route works (“FTP active” mode), the client sends its address to the Internet computer – the server reconnects to you for this data transfer.

    p >

    According to his logs, your client computer is behind NAT and has a “private” IP address. This is the only help it knows, so understand what it sends with the PORT command.

    Normally your entire router sees the FTP link and silently changes the PORT, replacing your private address with the router’s own public address. (Or, if you’re unlucky, you can replace what’s what with garbage.)

    However, since your control web link is now encrypted with TLS, the whole router can’t do this fix (everything it sees is encrypted plus data), the server gets exactly what your favorite client sends: your private address .

    Because the real server is online, another server might not be able to access the product with a private response (that’s the whole point of NAT). While this won’t even bother the user – for security reasons, mostThese jars will simply reject any address that doesn’t exactly match the address from which the connection was made.

    tl;dr You switch the FTP client to passive mode. Yes, there is also a log that the passive mode (PASV) is compromised. But at least it’s fixable if your computer has a dedicated public IP address that’s active while the mode isn’t in use.

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  • Normally, your server’s firewall will listen for a particular FTP connection, extract the forward port from the “Passive Policy Entry (x,y,z…)” response, and mark it as belonging to a “BINDING” connection. . Then your rule number 004 will allow you to do this.

    ftp error 500 invalid port

    Again, iptables cannot see over TLS (all it sees is secure data) and can no longer recognize actual FTP data connections as connected. So your connection only reaches theory #999 and breaks.

    In order to use PASV, you need to configure ProFTPd to indirectly use a certain range of ports (no matter how many) and allow iptables to connect to those ports.

    Pri 5 encoding = “ISO-8859-1”

    I have a Pro Linkstation LS-1000GL. I set up FTP and my personal router to forward ports 20 and then 21 on the NAS. This area looks good. But I checked the connection to the FTP server (try FTP.EXE, IE, Firefox and CuteFTP), I can’t list the contents of this share. Here are the problems I’m having with CuteFTP:

    [L]two hundred FTP server ready
    [L]USER admin
    [L]331 password required for administrator.
    [L]PASS 230 (hidden)< br>[l ] Enhanced user management.
    [L] SYST
    [L] 215 UNIX type: L8
    [L] FEAT
    [L] 211 Features:
    [L] MDTM
    [ L]STREAM
    [L]rest SIZE
    [L]211 End
    [L]257 “/” is the most recent directory.
    [ L] TYPE A < br>[L] 200 Type suitable for listening a
    [l] on PORT: 52558, Waiting for a connection.
    [L] PORT 192,168,10,2,205,78
    [L ] 400- 500 Illegal command PORT
    [L] List error
    [L] PORT listening: on 52561, waiting for connection.
    [L] PORT 192,168,10,2,205, 81
    [L ] 500 Illegal PORT command

    Can anyone list? TIA.

    Why am I getting a 500 illegal port error message?

    1. If you really dialed “500 Illegal PORT Command”. It turns out that people use the active mode, not the passive mode. Check out which ones, and be sure to practice in passive mode. For classification of the error message (also in a different context) see: ftp_get: invalid PORT command.


    Based on the error log information, this element appears to be logging you in as an administrator. Try to create another user, Linkstation (in the GUI, User Management -> Add) and log in with these credentials or as a member without a password.


    When I use the user I created (who has full read and write permissions on the folders), I get error 530. Invalid login. Yes, I double-checked the master password to tell the user on the local network that there is no doubt / he is the same.

    Any other ideas?


    I have no idea why even though I created a different user. Now I can reconnect to the FTP user, but the 500 error still goes away. changes. guide.


    I specifically tested this on myself. I created a new user; FTP tries to use ftp.exe; easier to save.

    Many clients tend to be more honest with fun activities. I’ve met some of the best that tend to hurt. See if you are also in standby or active mode. It usually matters. Unfortunately, passive functions often don’t work well with these resources.

    Methodology. I created a new user test and a share called Test. The FTP service is enabled. I then inserted the device into the device using a linux box and a simple pay ftp command. I successfully ran the special “ls” command and was able to download the files using the “Discover” command.

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    ftp error 500 invalid port

    Thanks for all the ideas.

    With Windows ftp.exe I got t Same error 500 followed by the perfect error 425 – Unable to establish data connection: Connection refused.

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