How To Fix MSI Motherboard Error?

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    In some cases, your system may send an MSI motherboard error message. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    How do I fix Error 99 on MSI motherboard?

    Clear CMOS Battery Perhaps the most common trigger for error 99 is temporary data that your CMOS battery failed to clear between runs. This causes dissonance between UEFI or BIOS settings. To solve this problem, try opening your PC case and also manually remove the CMOS electronic batteries.

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    How do I fix my computer with power up but no display MSI?

    Make sure the monitor is properly connected to the power supply of the control system.Make sure the power indicator is lit normally.Make sure the TV cable is securely connected to the meter and video card. Replace another identical display cable (VGA/DVI for each HDMI/DisplayPort) for cross testing.

    30 – reserved for ASL (see ASL status code segment below)

    msi motherboard error

    50 – Memory initialization error. Invalid callback type or incompatible memory speed

    52 – Memory initialization error. Invalid memory height and width or memory modules never match

    How do I fix my MSI motherboard not booting?

    Check for cpu glitches. To make sure your processor is indeed compatible with your motherboard, read the compatibility report on the the position of the processor power connector.Run a POST test.Reset BIOS.Check the EZ Debug LED display.

    58 – CPU Self Test Error, Possible CPU Cache Error

    59 – CPU microcode not found and/or microcode update failed

    AA – reserved for ASL (see ASL status codes below)

    msi motherboard error

    AC – reserved for ASL (see “ASL status codes” below)

    E0Trigger S3 Resume (S3 resumes PPI caused by DXE IPL)

    10 – The system wakes up from sleep mode S1

    20 – The system exits the current hibernation mode S2

    30 – The system should exit the S3 pending state

    40 – System keeps waking up from S4 sleep mode

    AC – The system has entered the ACPI state. The interrupt controller is in mode

    AA apic – The system has entered ACPI mode. Interrupt controller is in APIC mode


    Error message‹


    1 short DRAM update failed The implied or programmable interrupt-driven timer has probably failed 2 courts Memory equality error A memory parity error occurred while using the first 64 KB of RAM. The RAM chip is probably defective 3 courts 64K base memory error A memory error has occurred in the first 64 KB of RAM. The RAM chip is almost certainly defective 4 courts System td errorDays The clock/timer IC method does not work or there is usually a memory error in the memory bank 5 courts Processor error Device processor failure 6 courts Door error A20 The keyboard controller IC has failed, possibly preventing the Gate A20 from switching the CPU to a secure application. Replace keyboard controller 7 courts Virtual routine processor exception CPU has a new exception error due to an error in the CPU circuit or motherboard 8 short Show memory read/write errors Video card function is missing and even broken 9 courts ROM checksum error The specific system content of the BIOS ROM does not match the expected checksum value. The BIOS ROM is probably defective and needs to be replaced 10 courts Disabling CMOS causes counter read/write error Failed to complete CMOS 11 courts Cache error L2 cache is really bad 1 long, 2 short Error in the system in video playback An error has occurred in the video BIOS ROM or an assortment tracking error has occurred 1 good, 3 poor Memory check failed There is indeed a memory error in this 64k article 1 long, 8 short tests Display error TV adapter missing or defective 2 courts POST failed One of the product tests failed 1 long POST passed all tests

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  • Some PC users using MSI motherboards will not be able to transfer the boot of their computer. Error code ninety-nine appears in the lower right corner of the screen and persists regardless of any hardware changes the user tries to make.

    MSI motherboard error in poll 99

    Following this detailed issue, it appears that there are currently several different scenarios that could be causing this particular error code. Here is a short list of potential culprits:

    Personal Method: Clear CMOS Battery

    It turns out that one of the main reasons you might see error code 99 next to MSI motherboards is a UEFI or BIOS setting mismatch. In most cases, this problem occurs because temporary data is stored between CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) battery power-ups.

    How do I reset my MSI motherboard?

    Reset BIOS settings to default When the MSI logo appears, keep clicking “Clear” until you enter the BIOS setup utility. 2. After entering the BIOS menu, just press “F9”. When the following screen appears, press “Enter” to reset the BIOS settings to factory defaults.

    In this case, you can fix the problem by opening the PC case and temporarily removing the CMOS battery at close range to erase any information that has been stored between computer starts.

    If the customer does not know how to remove the CMOS battery, please follow the steps below:

    Note. The instructions below are for desktop computers only. If you are having this issue on an MSI laptop, removing the CMOS battery is much more difficult and will require you to disassembleeverything just to look at her.

    1. Turn off the computer and disable the idea.
      Note. You don’t need to shut down your mobile computing device in a fairly traditional way: you also need to unplug the power cord.
    2. Next, remove the side panel of your computer and put on an anti-static wrist strap if you have one.
      Note. An anti-static wrist strap will most likely ground you to your computer case, which is essential if you want to avoid the risk of a short circuit that could damage the inside of your computer. The bracelet will successfully ground you, the electronics of which balance the levels of electrical energy transmitted from the PC.
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