My CD Drive Stopped Working. Troubleshooting.

Last week some of our readers reported that my CD-ROM drive stopped working.

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    Expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives, right-click the listed optical drive, and select Uninstall. Exit Device Manager and restart your computer. Windows 10 currently recognizes the drive and then reinstalls it. You can also easily use the Update Driver Software option in Device Manager.


    If the CD you purchased does not appear in Device Manager, the drive cables may not be connected properly. It is also possible that the drive is defective and really needs to be replaced.

    my cd-rom drive has stopped working

    If the CD-ROM drive does not appear in Device Manager, the drive cables may not be connected correctly. It is also possible that the drive is defective and the components need to be replaced.


    If the disc tray does not open when you press the eject button, check that the CD power cord is connected properly.

    What do you do when your computer’s CD or DVD drive luckily stops working? this is often a very good simple solution.

    Reasons For This Problem

    If your Windows 10 computer has a CD-ROM drive,CDs or DVDs, there are several issues that may prevent it from working or make it look like it has stopped working. Include:


    • Bad disk. Sometimes it’s not the disc, but the game. Try a different drive and see what happens.
    • Wrong disk type. If you only have a CD and a DVD is inserted, Out will not work. If you plan to play or burn Blu-ray discs in standard DVD format, this won’t work either.
    • You have not included the correct playback software. Believe it or not, Windows 10 doesn’t come with a DVD player program installed. So, in cases where you try to play a DVD attached to a movie on a Windows 10 PC, things just don’t work, at least not right away. You need to download and install a dedicated DVD player application. You can select multiple vouchers from the Microsoft Store.
    • It might be a buggy new update window. The natural Windows updates that Microsoft forces on our system can sometimes cause unexpected health problems. If your CD/DVD drive stops working right after a Windows update, try uninstalling one of our updates. (Open the Settings window and select Security & Updates > Windows Update > View update history > Uninstall updates.)
    • This may be due to the installation of another application. Installing new software online can sometimes cause conflicts with current hardware and software. If your CD/DVD drive stops working immediately after installing a new software method, try uninstalling that new software as well and see what happens. (Open the preferences window and choose Apps > Apps & Features, then choose General and click Uninstall.)

    Is This A Driver Problem?

    How do I fix my CD-ROM drive not reading?

    If the visual drive cannot read files, placedata on CDs or DVDs, you need to make sure that the drive is displayed properly in Device Manager. Make sure your drive is listed in Device Manager, then reinstall Device Operators to fix the errors. Make sure there is no disc in the drive.

    my cd-rom drive has stopped working

    If customers heed all of the previous advice and Windows still doesn’t recognize your company’s CD/DVD drive, i.e. after you’ve inserted the disc and it doesn’t show up in File Explorer, “then there’s probably a problem with the drive device driver.


    A driver is not a physical event on your computer. Instead, it’s just about any little program that allows your current PC to interact with and act on a specific hardware device—in this case, your CD/DVD drive. If a device driver is removed, also known as corruption, that device will no longer work.

    Sometimes you can check for and fix some driver issues by using Device Manager, a dedicated scanning tool included with Windows. Follow each of the following steps:

    1. Launch Device Manager

    2. Look For Resource Conflicts

    How do I reset my CD-ROM?

    Find Control Panel in the Start Menu.Click System and Security.Click Security and Maintenance.Click Recovery.Click Open System Restore.Then click.Select a system restore point, click Next, and follow the instructions.

    One of the most common causes of driver problems is the so-called resource conflict. Any potential conflicts are highlighted in Device Manager.


    Device groups all methods by type. Double-click DVD/CD-ROM Online Stores to display your system’s CD/DVD drive. If there is a problem with this device, it will be indicated by one of the following

    • A yellow triangle next to a black exclamation point (!) inside indicates that the device was recently in a “problem state”, which Windows refers to as a “problem state”, although there are some format issues. The problem is explained in detail with the help of the error code.
    • A red “X” icon means that our own device is currently disabled. This always means that the device is indeed present on your system, but the driver is not loaded. It can also mean that the driver is loaded but not working properly.
    • A low “i” on a white dot indicates that the device is using manual settings in addition to automatic settings. (That’s not bad, of course, because it doesn’t signal a problem, it just replicates a different configuration.)

    3. View Device Properties

    What causes CD-ROM failure?

    If the power supply is not providing enough power to the drive, it will most likely result in the drive likely not being able to work properly. The player may not play CDs or DVDs even if the power supply is insufficient. For now, you can check the power supply to see if it’s not working properly.

    If you are using a device conflict, right-click your CD/DVD drive and select Properties from the context menu.

    4. Find Conflict

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  • The properties chat window will open. Select the General tab. EIf everything is working properly, check the “This device is believed to be working properly” message in the general Device Status field. If there is a problem, you should see a message that tells you what the problem is and the ideas Windows recommends to fix it. The message can also include a problem and a code number, which can be useful when contacting an advanced support specialist or troubleshooting a guitar that has a real problem.

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