How To Solve The Point Did Not Find Your Location By GPS

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    Here are some easy ways to fix Poynt can’t find your GPS location.

    1. Jason123's Avatar < / div>

      I’m POYNT now, downloaded, looks amazing. From what I can tell from other posts and from my own device (Curve It 8330) it seems that the GPS is not working… I went to Options > Advanced Systems > GPS Services > Location Enabled »

      Just wanted to confirm that someone there can be contacted… Verizon disabled GPS?

      I still seem to use mobile phone tablets a lot to search for local results, but unfortunately turn-by-turn navigation to someone’s destination would be great.

      Almost thanks for the thoughts.

      5/22/09 7:04 pm

    2. You are a member of the BB Maps and VZ Navigator on Verizon.

      What operating system are you using? Do BB cards work?

      Options/Above the third line down.
      have my CrackBerry on wapforums.crackberry.


      05-22-09 19:21

    3. < p>Yes, Verizon has connected GPS to VZ Nav and BB Maps.

      You can use GPS with turn-by-turn Swap by paying $10 a month for VZ Nav or getting a GPS washing machine with Bluetooth and get great third party GPS apps installed on the Verizon 8330

      < p >5/22/09 7:31 PM

    John Blackwell