Fixed: How To Fix Wi-Fi Not Working On HP Laptops

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    Over the past few days, some readers have encountered a well-known error code that wifi has stopped working on an HP laptop. This problem can occur for many reasons. We will discuss this below. In Windows, right-click the icon for the new network connection and select Troubleshoot. Wait while Windows Network Diagnostics analyzes the Meet connection normally. When prompted, select the network problem entry, then follow the instructions to fix the exact problem.


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    This document is specifically for HP computers using (network router) with Windows 7.

    Why my laptop Wi-Fi suddenly stopped working?

    Solution 1: Update your WiFi driver This problem can occur if you are using the wrong WiFi driver or if it is very outdated. Therefore, you really need to update your WiFi driver to see if it fixes the problem. If you don’t have the time, perseverance, or computer skills to manually update a driver, you can use Driver Easy to fix the problem automatically.

    Wi-Fi networks are a convenient way to access the Internet. However, some things may not be appropriate when using a wireless network bandwidth service, and there may be problems if the connection is slow, sometimes drops, or cannot communicate. The steps in this document provide you with tools that have proven to be effective in solving many of the problems that can arise in many cases with wireless networks and Internet connections.

    Step 1: Use The Robot Troubleshooter

    Tools from HP or Microsoft are of course automatically used for testing to create and fix various problems with the wireless network. If your HP computer came with Windows 7, run the Support hp Assistant as it requires a special code toDesigned specifically for HP computers. If you have HP Support Assistant installed on your computer, you are currently using the automated troubleshooting tool built into Windows 7.

    Use diagnostics from HP online support staff

    HP Support Assistant is a software diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for HP that can resolve many types of network and Internet connections. Use the following steps to diagnose and resolve network issues using HP Support Assistant.


    The images in this section may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.

    1. If your person has a wireless key or button on or near their keyboard and the wireless activity light is incorrect or amber, press that key or button to get a wireless network adapter. Key This can be the F10 key, the F12 hotspot, or the icon in the airplane.

    2. WirelessIf the activity has been purchased or the activity indicator has turned blue, your system has wireless enabled. Try to connect to your current internet connection again. If the issue persists, follow these steps.

    3. If your device doesn’t have a wireless hub or the wireless activity lights turn off or turn amber, continue using it.

    4. Click the HP Support Assistant icon

      on your desktop.

      here in the notification area (lower right corner of the screen).


      If your computer does not have HP Support Assistant installed, you can contact

      HP Support Assistant

      website for downloading and installing HP Support Assistant software. If your precious computer can’t connect to the internet, use Microsoft

      Automatic Troubleshooting (Windows 7)

      instead of this great step.

    5. If a welcome screen appears, select the options you want and click Next.

    6. On the “Authenticate my devices” screen, selectyour device from the list of options.

      The Devices menu appears.

    7. On the My Devices menu screen, select Internet & Security.

    8. Click HP Network Test.

    9. If the UAC message is unzipped, click Yes to allow the private computer to make changes.

    10. On the welcome screen of the Network Performance Test, click Next to run the network diagnostics.

    11. If the main diagnostic test found no problems, close all windows and continue to the next section.

      If the diagnostic test finds one or more issues, continue with the steps in this section.

    12. Click “Possible Causes”.

    13. wireless stopped working on hp laptop

      Tap one of the app icons to see how to resolve this issue, then follow the on-screen instructions.

    14. After following the instructions, click Rescan.

      HP Assistant support is checking network group connectivity.

    15. Repeat these steps as needed until The problem with the network connection will be resolved or all possible causes and problems will not be resolved.

    Use the Windows 7 Network and Internet Troubleshooter

    The Windows Network and Internet Troubleshooter checks the network for problems and therefore tries to automatically fix any problems it finds. Use this tool from Microsoft to test and repair this connection.

    1. If your computer has a network button, or a button on or near the keyboard, and the wireless light is off or garnet, press the button or mouse to activate the wireless adapter. Key. It can be the serious F10 key, the F12 key, or the one marked with an airplane symbol.

    2. Wireless network. If there is activity or the progress bar turns blue, then your system has wireless enabled. Reconnect to the Internet. If the issue persists, follow these steps.

    3. If your computerIf you don’t have a Wi-Fi adapter or the Wi-Fi connected light is off or amber, try the following.



    4. click and maybe click

      Control Panel


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    6. 1. Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
    7. 2. Launch the program and click "Scan" to start the scanning process
    8. 3. Click "Repair" to fix any detected issues

    Click Troubleshoot, then Network and Internet.

  • Click “Internet Connections”.

  • Click More.

  • Make sure “Apply repairs automatically” is checked, and then click “Next”.

  • Click “Troubleshoot my current Internet connection”.

    Follow the troubleshooting instructions.

  • wireless stopped working on hp laptop

    After AutoCorrect is complete, review the information on the screen.

  • In case of complications . found, the window promises more information about the problems. This view can also show you what was fixed first or what actions you can take to resolve the issue. For now, read the information in the window, but do not take any of the suggested actions. Try to connect to the Internet again. If the problem persists, close Troubleshooting window and continue to the next step.

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